The Good , The Bad and the Ugly regular season recap

This  season was a great start to our BHFL for Madden 15. Some coaches found out the hard way that this isnt Madden 25.  The PO are hare and we see some new coaches already making their mark. Panthers, 49ers , giants , patriots. the AFC really hasnt stepped up as true conference of competion. There have been some horrible coaching displays this season as well.

The Good 
Pats , Cardinals, 49ers, Steelers, Texans and Giants

The Bad 
everyone who didnt make the PO, with a double shout out to Coach never ending struggle, who managed to help 2 teams not fulfill their dreams

The Ugly
By far the Ugly  is the Battle of the Bay’s
Tampa Bay , oh where oh where  have you gone has the game passed you by 
Oak town,  Al ef minus Davis must have seen something in the draft.

Good luck to all team with PO’s and off season.

Michael A Smith – from First numbers on the Take that dont Lie

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"Coming soon to #Madden20... Jet Chip Wasp 🏆"