BHBL season 2 playoffs are here. With it came much drama and new rivalries were born. The biggest was between the veteran Chicago Bulls and the young buck Detroit Pistons. “You havent seen us play playoff basketball” Coach Vflreg vs “We beat yall twice this season. We not worried” Coack BK. Drose showed us the difference between the regular season Bulls and the playoff Bulls. In an epic game 1 OT victory Rose scored 51 pts 7 assists. “He was in the zone” Coah Reg said. “Yall havent seen us play playoff ball yet”. “Post up pull back and running hook to right” Coach BK says. “Too simple.” Coach Reg replies “thats not his move.””I am up 1-0. Bottomline! & Im gong to sweep you.””Its over. Omar coming”

Lol what confidence, pompisity, moxie. Its over. Theres no need for BK to even play gm 2. This is Bulls playoff basketball. He cant stop Drose. The young Pistons just not ready I thought. BK calmly responds “Remember Brandon knight went 1-7!!!!! From 3. It won’t happen again.” “1-7!!!!!!!!!!” he emphatically responds again. Coach Vflreg shrugs it off saying “contested shots. Jimmy Butler locked him down. He is a one trick pony. Blah,blah,blah”

One for seven. Three little words. One – for – seven. Dismissed by mighty Coach Reg. The new chant of BK & Detroit fans around the world. He said it wouldnt happen again. Game 2 Detroit wins by 2. B.Knight goes 4-6 from behind the arc. In the close out game of this 3 game series Pistons win again. This time by 9. B. Knight goes 4-6 from behind the arc again

“1-7!!!!! From 3. IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN”. Why didnt we listen Coach Reg.


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