Man it feels good to be upcoming NBA Champions. We had a nice year overall. We had The BEST NBA record, Longest win streak in BHBL history( which is 21), also we are the MOST Hated team. People kept doubting us we just had to prove everyone wrong. It all started with Cheddar Bob saying, “you ain’t win nothing yet so don’t talk me to death!” Then we had team like the Chicago Bulls hype after they beated us saying, “we exposed you. You ain’t nothing, we found out how to beat y’all and that’s with a zone!” We even had the BHBL owner doubting us saying, “I got the Hornets win the championship.” After that I just went out and did some damage. We won EVERY playoff game we played. This happened because of all the doubter(haters) doubting me. Reg I ain’t going to lie you helped me because once you showed me you can stop my plays I created a whole new offense. So thanks Reg. Oh yeah Justin and Nate I got a ring on the way now, so y’all ain’t the only young ones with one. One last thing the WEST are the WORST!!!!!!!!!! The East will always win the championship.

DaBestDereIsBKĀ  2013-04-20

By mdluv

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