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May 11, 2021
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Madden 20 Team Ratings



Philadelphia Eagles | 89 OVR


The Eagles check into Madden 20 with five players at 90 OVRs or better, and two with 89 OVRs. Five of those seven players are either on the offensive or defensive line, which goes to show how important it is in Madden to have strong fronts on both sides of the ball. The guys in the trenches don’t get the glamour of skill position players, but they do the dirty work. Guys like DT Fletcher Cox (96 OVR), C Jason Kelce (94 OVR), RG Brandon Brooks (90 OVR) RT Lane Johnson (89 OVR), and RE Brandon Graham (89 OVR) anchor this Philly roster, creating and protecting for the rest of the squad.


Miami Dolphins | 74 OVR

The top-rated players in Madden 20 on the Dolphins are LT Laremy Tunsil (84 OVR) and WR Kenny Stills (84 OVR). The team’s offensive line was ranked dead last in the NFL by Pro Football Focus, and if you scroll down, you’ll see why nobody’s going to use this team in Madden 20. (Hint: It has to do with one of the league’s worst QB situations.) Did you know that Miami is allegedly sinking into the ocean?


New Orleans Saints | 92 Offense

Superstar X-Factors QB Drew Brees (92 OVR), WR Michael Thomas (95 OVR), and HB Alvin Kamara (90 OVR) make this offensive trifecta capable of fireworks on the field. The New Orleans Saints are going to be fun in Madden 20. Godspeed to anyone going up against them in regs this year. Yikes.


Miami Dolphins | 69 Offense

The biggest takeaway here: WR Kenny Stills (84 OVR) is the highest-rated skill-position player on the Dolphins in Madden 20. And with veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (75 OVR) clocking in with a higher rating than second-year signal-caller Josh Rosen (70 OVR), we’re bound for some quarterback controversy that nobody wants a part of in video game land. Plus, that whole dad-bod thing going on with Fitzmagic is off-putting.


Chicago Bears | 88 Defense

For Chicago, the unit is fronted by 99 Club member, LOLB Khalil Mack. FS Eddie Jackson (91 OVR) is a Superstar X-Factor like his teammate, Mack. That’s a scary combination for any opposing quarterback. Toss in CB Kyle Fuller (89 OVR) and you can see why this Bears unit should roar out of the gate in Madden 20.

Houston Texans | 88 Defense

Houston is loaded with firepower all over the defense. On the front lines, Superstar X-Factor beasts like LE J.J. Watt (97 OVR) and ROLB Jadeveon Clowney (92 OVR) are lurking. In the backfield, FS Justin Reid (84 OVR) and CB Johnathan Joseph (83 OVR) will create turnovers and make passing extremely difficult for the opposition.


Miami Dolphins | 72 Defense

The highest-rated player on the Dolphins defense is CB Xavien Howard (83 OVR). When that’s the high-water mark for a player’s OVR on defense, it’ll be tough to get a stop of any kind when this unit is on the field.

New York Giants | 72 Defense

The best player on the Giants defense is SS Jabrill Peppers (84 OVR) who was part of an offseason trade with the Browns for Odell Beckham Jr (one of Madden 20’s Top 5 WRs. Peppers may be primed for a breakout year, but he can’t carry this entire defense on his shoulders.



BHFL Table

Team Overall Rating Defense Rating Offense Rating
Eagles 89 84 87
Cowboys 88 86 86
Saints 87 82 92
Patriots 87 84 91
Packers 87 84 91
Falcons 86 82 89
Colts 86 78 91
Chargers 85 84 87
Rams 85 86 83
Steelers 84 80 85
Panthers 84 82 82
Chiefs 84 78 88
Bears 84 88 76
Vikings 83 86 80
Texans 83 88 78
Redskins 83 80 75
Browns 83 82 83
49ers 83 82 80
Titans 81 82 78
Seahawks 81 80 80
Ravens 81 84 75
Broncos 81 84 75
Raiders 80 74 82
Lions 80 80 76
Bengals 80 78 78
Jaguars 79 82 71
Jets 78 80 73
Cardinals 78 80 73
Buccaneers 78 74 76
Bills 78 80 71
Giants 77 72 75
Dolphins 74 72 69


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