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Offense puts butts in seats; my philosophy is to establish the run, open up play-action, then hit the defense where they aren't. My QBs manage the game and play mistake free football (and mobility is a plus). 

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS; I stop the run at all costs; I disguise coverages and blitz the opposing team from all angles; my secondary (with the right personnel) takes advantage of the pass rush & I put my players in position to capitalize off QB misreads & mistakes.

I'm new to BHFL (c. 2019) - So far, I've gotten my A** handed to me, however I am having fun, I'm engaged, I'm getting better at Madden, and I get to commune and trash talk with, by far, some of the best Madden players walking this Earth. I may be the punching bag now...but give it time...I'll be the one doing the punching soon. 

*Note* - former Pop Warner, Modified, Junior Varsity, & Varsity OL/DL in Upstate NY. I captained my varsity football team my senior year, and helped lead my team to the CNY Playoff Semi-Finals as an All-CNY OL (I played C my senior year); I know the game of football, the REAL game, so the only way to beat me is to exploit a glitch or out coach me.

"Sprinkles are for winners, Jimmy."

Posted : 27/08/2019 3:43 pm
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