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Madden 20 Rookie Draft rules Addendum  

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4.4 If your previous play doesnt show you must show your playart before each play 

5.4 Edited Do not run the same defense more than 5x in a drive no more than or 2x straight. (Cover 2, 3 and 4 are mostly the same no matter the formation.) Beat your opponent straight up. Dont continually manipulate the cpu AI by calling the same play the majority of the game

5.5 You can only manually move or hot route 1 player on a possession BEFORE THE SNAP. If you move that player you CANT SWITCH OFF THAT PLAYER UNTIL THE PLAY ENDS. Meaning If you audible a player on defense or move him out of his intended position you must control him and chase the play wherever it goes with that player. You cannot switch off to contest passes or make a tackle

6.7 No playaction plays on 3rd and 4th down with 6 or more yards. Straight pass plays only

7.1a Must be an Xfactor player to Hot Route or be hot routed on offense 
7.2 Plays should be run as stock. Keep it around every 3 out of 10 plays with a hot route

7.3 Keep it situational (Ex. Expecting a blitz so you hot route to counter)

7.4a Edited Xfactor QBs can use unlimited Hot Routes on a play up to 4 times in a drive

7.4 You can hot route more than two WRs only once a quarter
7.4 Edited Xfactor WR's can be hot routed at any time


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