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[Closed] Brotherhood Madden 20 League rules, settings and regulations  

Member Admin

7 min qtrs
All Madden
Owners only (Created with name)
Adv 1-2x a night
Human Trades (Must be Approved by Admin)

We advance 1-2x a night by majority gms played. If there are only a couple of games left to be played for the week we will advance the week…
8:00 is the set time we put users so on auto pilot so we can adv for the night; Meaning if your opponent is not online or for whatever reason u two haven’t played your gm for the week be in our League chatroom @ 8:00, post his name in the League Chatroom and ill auto him. After the auto session gms have been played we will advance the week. If neither user msgs me to auto their opponent we will adv. All gms must be started by 8 pm. Any gms started after 8:15 are subject to be simulated.
We advance twice on Thursday & Sunday. We’ll have our normal 8:00 auto session then then a 2nd auto session after those games have been played. Advance is at least once a night no matter how many gms are played during the regular season.
Playoff adv times are twice a night once @ 8:00 and again at 9:30 (or by majority) no matter how many games are played


Must rush a minimum of two players at all times


Offense – Do not run clock. Hike the ball with 10 or more secs unless 3 min or less in the game.

No hiking the ball while manual motioning of players they must come to a complete stop.

4TH DOWN RULES 1st Qtr -3rd Qtr
4th down rule is 4th and 2 or less from the 50.

Down 14 points or more you can go for it anytime

(4th down rules for 4th qtr only)
Losing team can go for it at anytime. 4th and 2 or less from the 50 for the winning team

Running No Huddle
If you want to mix it up with a drive or two to change the pace of the game fine. Do not run a no-huddle gameplan. Use it sparingly in the context of a NFL coach would use it. Do Not run No huddle after a loss unless situation calls for it. (Ex. Losing big and need to preserve time.)

Cant Sub/Formation sub in a RB with over 89 speed at FB/HB position in any formation. Including formation sub

Wildcat is permitted but WR can't be subbed in at QB or RB

Special Teams
Fake punts are strictly prohibited.
Allowed 1 Fake FG per game
Onside kicks are prohibited unless down by 2 Tds in the 2nd half or losing in the 4th.


Although this is a video game we try to emulate real life game play much as viable. Dont try to exploit the faulty AI. I shouldn’t have to say this but no glitches.

No restarts. CPU games count.
No quitting against users unless agreed upon by opponent.

Game Disconnections
All gms that disc for any reason must restarted with the same score, time, possession, etc...UNLESS BOTH parties agree to a restart, or unless game is decided already in 2nd half, then you can count the game... Never count a close game unless losing team says its ok.


No more excuses. Xbox One has made it easy for everyone. For the sake of argument and for the love of Brotherhood TV. Both teams must broadcast their game. Games must be saved for a minimum of 14 days TwitchTV/

CPU Stats

Rule will only go into affect if it's abused
When playing the cpu you must bench a player (No Matter what the score)

If he has 24 completions
3-5 Passing TDs
400 - 425 Passing yds
3 Rushing TDs
150 -200 Rushing YDs
3 Receiving TDs
150 - 200 Receiving Yds
12 Receptions
3 Sacks
2 Interceptions
2 Kick or Punt Return
Must post all position changes

As for POSITION SWITCHING the following positions are interchangeable:
RB/WR not WR @ RB
RB/FB (RB playing FB MUST be 89 speed or lower)
TE/FB (TE playing FB MUST be 89 speed or lower)

CB to S change
Must be Age 30 >
Speed 89 <
71 > in TAK, POW, PUR

Interchangeable Position Change requests
S - S
S - CB
You must get approval for all other position changes.

Human Trades (Must be Approved by Admin)
1st Rd and 2nd Rd picks must be traded between accredited established GMs only.

Mandatory Roster requirements (This rule only applies if we have start having connection issues)
To help avoid game freezing, disconnections & etc. You must meet these requirements
Remove injured players from depth chart rotation. You must maintain the minimum no. of active players throughout the season. Injured players DO NOT count towards the minimum no. of players required to have in a certain positioning. So if you only have 2 QBs and 1 gets hurt you would fall below this requirement

53 Man roster Minimum Active Players Per Position (This rule only applies if we have start having connection issues)
QB=2 HB=3 FB=1 WR=4 TE=2 T=4 G=4 C=2 K=1
DE=4 DT=3 OLB=4 MLB=2 CB=4 FS=2 SS=2 P=1

Our league operates on EST zone. We expect you to be able to play 1-2 gms a night between 6-12 pm. If you work during these hours or cant play the mandatory no. of games do not join. Play your games. If you miss 3 games you will be removed. We will not cater to owners and their lifestyle. If you’re schedule won’t allow you to keep pace simply find a league that fits your schedule. Be proactive. Message your opponent before advance or immediately after advance. Not responding to messages will not be tolerated. Use of the forum and League chatroom is a must. You must join the League chatroom whenever online. Check the forum daily for Admin updates. Post in the forum every 72 hrs. If u have something to say do it in the forums or in our League chatroom. You will get 1 warning. 2nd warning will be suspension for these violations.


Any member that is found breaking these rules will be BOOTED. All inactive members will be booted that includes not responding to text msgs, emails, xbox msgs, not proactively trying to schedule games by messaging your opponent before or after advance. Scheduling games and not keeping scheduled time appointment. If youre disruptive and threaten the cohesiveness of the League you will be removed. If youre in this League youre expected to be cooperative & loyal to the Franchise. You must be trustworthy, mature and ACTIVE

All quitters, cheaters and inactive users will not be invited to future leagues

Posted : 13/01/2020 10:10 pm
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