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Brotherhood NBA 2K21 League Rules, regulations and settings  


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Brotherhood NBA 2K21 League Rules and Regulations (BHBL)

Season Length: 58 Games

Quarter length: 7 mins

Difficulty: Superstar

Playoff Format: 3-3-5-5

Games per night: 2-3


League Rules and Regulations

1.0 Gameplay Times

Our league operates on EST zone. We expect you to be able to play 2-3 games a night between 6-11 pm

2.0 Pause Timers

One timer reset. After that opponent can take the win

3.0 Game Disconnections

All games that disconnect for any reason must be restarted with the same score, time, possession, etc...UNLESS BOTH parties agree to a different restart 

3.1 If game is decided already in 2nd half, then you can count the game... Never count a close game unless losing team says its ok.


No more excuses. Xbox One has made it easy for everyone. For the sake of argument and for the love of Brotherhood TV. Both teams must broadcast and save their games  

5.0 Free Agency

Free Agency is closed. FA Draft signing will be posted each season to open up Free Agency

6.0 Trades

Human Trades Only (Must be Approved by Admin)

Excessive trades will not be approved

Trades resulting in stacking of a team will not be approved

7.0 Gameplay Rules

No Play call, player minutes, shot attempts, on ball defense rules etc. until further notice

8.1 Our league operates on EST zone. We expect you to be able to play 2-3 games a night between 6-11 pm. If you work during these hours or cant play the mandatory no. of games do not join.

8.2 Play your games. If you miss multiple days without playing your games you will be removed. We will not cater to owners and their lifestyle. If you’re schedule won’t allow you to keep pace simply find a league that fits your schedule.

8.3 Use of the forum and League chatroom is a must. You must join the League chatroom whenever online. Check the forum daily for Admin updates. Post in the forum every 72 hrs.

8.4 Create a team page in forum with team name where you post, news, transactions and other updates concerning your team.

8.5 If you have something to say do it in the forums or in our League chatroom. You will get 1 warning. 2nd warning will be suspension for these violations.


9.1 Any member that is found breaking these rules will be removed.

9.2 All inactive members will be removed that includes not responding to text messages, emails, xbox msgs, etc.

9.3 Not proactively trying to schedule games by messaging your opponent in advance.

9.4 Scheduling gms and not keeping scheduled time appointment.

If youre disruptive and threaten the cohesiveness of the League you will be removed. If youre in this League youre expected to be cooperative & loyal to the Franchise. You must be trustworthy, mature and ACTIVE

All quitters, cheaters and inactive users will not be invited to future leagues

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